Propriety Solutions and Services That Can Help You 

Because of the increasing specialization in different industries like in finance, which led to the necessity to use tools for risk management, it is now necessary to be picky and critical in finding propriety solutions that could cater all your needs and demands. This necessity is also associated with the increasing strictness in regulatory requirements, which calls for reliable and efficient propriety solutions and services. Solutions and Services

What is a Propriety Solution? 

A propriety solution is a paid hardware or software that is tied to a certain vendor. It is which the software’s publisher retains intellectual property rights or patent rights.  

Most software solutions are copyright that gives a legal basis for the owner to build exclusive rights. The software vendor elaborates the terms of use in a EULA, and the user may or may not agree to these terms provided. Software patents grant exclusive rights to the software’s features, algorithms, and other patent-related subjects. 


Here are some Propriety Solutions You Can Try 

Management Solutions 

Management solutions developed propriety solutions that can adapt to the latest regulations in time. It also provides comprehensive solutions to major issues in risk management such as SIRO, MIR, Gamma, and Paladin. 


Maples Fun Services 

Maples Fund Services offers customized solutions and packages systems that clients can freely choose from, like retail pro point of sale pos software. Since fast delivery of information and useful usage of data is now a necessity, MFS has designed its solutions to provide every customer personalized and highly customizable dashboard and MaplesFS Connect, that increase information delivery. The online dashboards provided are integrated with Advent’s Geneva portfolio accounting system. MFS also provides the following: 

  • Fund Manager Portals 
  • Risk dashboard 
  • Managed Accounts Dashboards 
  • MaplesFS Connect Risk Dashboard 


Intuition Hit Solutions 

Health-care Information Technology industry is a very demanding and intricate environment where innovative solutions are needed, and this is what Intuition HIT Solution is capable of providing the clients. Intuitions HIT Solutions gives in-demand software solutions specializing in the Health-care industry. It provides business solutions which are highly-technological so you are sure that you’re one pace ahead. The solutions provided can also be customized catering to the different strategic objectives and individual requirements of the target clients. 

Philadelphia Insurance Companies 

PHLY provides a number of propriety risk management services exclusive only to the insureds and agents. Some of their services include but not limited to: 

  • Providing proprietary loss trend analysis to identify risks and improve loss ration performance; 
  • Utilizing claims data from any period; 
  • Providing extensive and comprehensive loss trending data analysis by line of coverage, loss severity, location, loss frequency, etc.; 
  • Charting and graphing of loss trend data, and more. 


The Danger 

Some clients and even governments are scared that propriety software may have been incorporated with malicious features that could compromise sensitive data. Another alternative to Propriety is an open source service. Other people prefer the flexibility and interoperability of open source alternatives such as OpenStack and Eucalyptus. However, people who want more managed solutions find proprietary solutions ideal.

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