Having an air-conditioner at home doesn’t mean that you don’t need to worry about cleaning them. Even if it is expensive or cheap or even new or old, you still have the responsibility to clean them and make sure that it doesn’t have any cut wires inside. Keeping them clean and in good condition will help you to have a worry-free mindset. Having an air conditioning repair could be a bit pricey and expensive. It is also depending to your AC unit and the brand type of your aircon. Sometimes, they would ask more money if your place is so far from the city and it is not convenient to go there. Make sure as always to choose the person is professional at cleaning this appliance as it may cause damage to your unit. But learning how to clean them will lessen your expenses. Here are some few quick guides. Remember that there are many types and kinds of AC. You need to check your brand and model, it is very important. If your AC is still under warranty, don’t hire someone to clean it for you. You can use your warranty card to avail the free cleaning service. Below is an example of how to clean a split type aircon. 


  • Make sure to turn off your AC and then remove it from the outlet. You need to turn off the main switch as well. This will help you to get away from any possibility of short circuit or anything.  
  • You need to open and remove the surface covering of it. You may use a kind of vacuum that is used for cleaning this type of machine. You have to make sure that you are cleaning the coil and other small parts of it like the fins.  
  • Inspect the tube of it. Securing them from possible leakage would be a good way to do. You don’t know that there would be some dust inside the pipe or maybe something that is stuck there.  
  • Next to this is the proper way of cleaning the filter. You can remove or temporarily get it away the front grille. If you have a machine or device to clean and that is a good way to use. But if you don’t have you may use some warm water and then it rinses it off there. Let them dry first before putting back everything in order. This will help you to make yourselves free from any electric shocks.  
  • You have to check as well if you already cleaned the surrounding of the AC.  
  • After that, you may try to plug to the outlet and open the breaker. Turn on the aircon and try to test if you feel that the air coming from there is cooler than before.  

It should be done at least once in three months. This will help to easily clean the system of it and at the system the dirt and dust won’t accumulate that much.  

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